How to Find Transgender Dates in Bangkok

Bangkok has a vibrant transgender community, of whom ladyboys (transsexual women) are without a doubt at the forefront. When talking about ladyboys, Bangkok is the first city to come to mind without a doubt. There are a lot of ladyboys in Manila too, but Bangkok is the undisputed leader. The social landscape of the city wouldn’t be what it is without Thai ladyboys.

Thai society is very tolerant of the transgender community. One reason for this is the religion: Buddhism teaches tolerance and acceptance.

Transgender Dating in Bangkok

If you want to find a transgender date in Bangkok – and it is a fact that many tourists do – an obvious way would be to head down to a local bar. There are lots of go-go bars in the capital of Thailand, which are very popular with transgender persons. One disadvantage of this approach, however, is that you’re not likely to meet someone who is representative of the ladyboy community in a bar. Many ladyboys in bars are only looking for someone to spend the night with.

Transgender persons in Bangkok are not all that different from anyone else. You’ll see them working in offices, hospitals, shops…all the places one would expect heterosexual persons to be working.

Foreign Men in Demand

Ladyboys in Bangkok (among other cities in Thailand) often show a preference for foreign men, whom they refer to as “farang”. This is because foreigners, particularly Western tourists, are more open and liberal. While Thai men do have relationships with ladyboys, they are hesitant to be open about them and to be seen with one in public. Foreign men, on the other hand, are often not only willing but actively pushing for serious relationships with transgender persons.

How to Meet Transgenders

Groups on Meetup are a better bet than bars if you’re looking for a transgender date. There are tens of groups on the platform who welcome LGBTQ people and their supporters in and around the Thai capital. Events take place as often as every week, over the weekend at cafes, parks, or other public areas. These groups are a great way to meet and talk to people over a cup of coffee or a glass of beer.

Another option is online dating sites. A prominent one is My Ladyboy Date. The people who started it are open about their purpose: to bring quality men and ladyboys together. There are thousands of profiles of ladyboys who are looking for a relationship on the site. Signing up is free.

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