Top 8 Places to Have Sex

Some couples have their sex life stuck because they are no longer active anymore. But, many of them are still looking for more creative and exciting ways to put some spice back into their relationship. Moreover, there are a lot of things you can consider as a tool for spicing things up like trying different positions, devices or sex toys that you can add in dealing foreplay and of course, place to have sex.
You have to make sure that you can get rid of boring scenes from your sex life by being imaginative and spontaneous. One factor here is the place on where you plan to do it and how you will do it. Listed below are some of the best ideas with well-liked places to have an unforgettable sensual adventure and exploration;
1. Rooftop
This place is somehow a one shot form of sex place. Why? Because almost no one looks up as well as you can be as loud as you want without worrying about your roommates or neighbourhood. It is good also for it cannot be seen or you will not be seen by other people. Open air adds tickling feels to both couple.
2. Sex in the Car
Indeed, a classic place for sex. You can drive to places where you are comfortable to do this thing like drive to secluded locations and the like. Cars provided a certain amount of enclosure, meaning both of you must keep all but necessary clothing on.
3. Late night at the beach or park.
If you are a wild explorer and great adventurer, a little thrill can get along your nerves. Park and beaches are both great spots to get you wild on. But of course, mark the time and make sure not to do it on daytime.
4. Shower room
Shower sex is one of the coolest foreplays that couple can give to each other. Moreover, doing act while you are soaking on cold and hot water can be arousing. Also, trying different positions in doing the act is one of a kind experience. Make each other sensation at burst.
5. Couch
Sex adventurers are taking advantage of the sofa or couch. They tend exploration in different styles so that it will spice up their relationship more. For some couple, it is quite a list awkward due to sounds and creaking sounds of the couch, hence it is indeed satisfying for both couple who are real adventurers and explorers.
6. Condominium or Hotel
If you own a condo unit or checked in a hotel, it can be a form of romantic getaway, perhaps the best and safest venue for the couple to have a sexy time. Private, convenient and they can add play onto it.
7. Office Table
Table top experience is one great way that a couple can try to upgrade their sex performance. Although somehow it is kinda’ flirting type, but still can pack up the stress of someone who is burned out due to work loads. It gives different sensual feelings to the couple.
8. In the kitchen
It is somehow a rude thing to have sex in the kitchen, but if you are in the kitchen and there is no person who stays there, this act is possible. Moreover, cooking while cuddling can bring great sensation to your partner. The thrill of this venue has a great offer to both feelings you have toward finishing the burst and warm love that they can offer.

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